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The International Dimensions of Law
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Brigitta Lurger, Thomas Thiede
Publikationsdatum: 11.07.2016
Auflage: 3.
Buchumfang: XIII, 193 Seiten
Einband: Broschiert
Format: 15 x 23
ISBN: 978-3-7097-0114-0
The Internationalization and Europeanization of national law has proceeded apace in recent decades. This development is, however, only rarely mirrored in the curricula of today’s law faculties. This textbook aims to break this mould, seeking to help students to understand that legal systems do not only exist and function in their own national context but also within the broader context of law beyond national borders. The authors provide a clear account of international and European public and private law in order to familiarize future generations of lawyers with international and European law and to analyze the impact of supranational legal systems on the development of national law.
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